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  1. Organizations strive to balance available labor resources and workload for optimal workforce management and cost effectiveness.  WEO certification uniquely identifies those human elements and today's technology best practices to keep staff efficient and satisfied and customers happy.  Labor Management Institute has published the whitepaper "10 Benefits for Workforce Educational Organization (WEO) Professional Certification".  Download the whitepaper today!

  2. Labor can be the largest cost in many organizations, presenting a variety of challenges in remaining compliant with internal policies and regulatory requirements.  The Labor Management Institute has published a whitepaper that identifies 10 time and attendance best practices to help control labor costs and align staffing, while helping to eliminate inefficiencies.  Download the paper today.

  3. Workforce Educational Organization Announces National Certification Programs for Time and Labor Management. Press Release September 10, 2014 (Full Press Release) (PDF Version Press Release

  4. The Kentucky SHRM has accepted Sherry Evens' and ChrysMarie Suby's abstract submission for their 30th Annual Kentucky SHRM Conference to be held at the Kentucky International Convention Center!  The topic is: Employee Scheduling + Workforce Educational Professional Certification = Maximum Management Workforce Technology Outcomes.

  5. WEO Graduates 1st Class of WEO-P™ Time & Labor Management Technology Professional Certification© from ADP 06-11-2014

  6. WEO Graduates 1st Class of WEO-T™ Timekeeper Professional Certification© 05-12-2014

  7. “Proper Scheduling & Professional Workforce Certification Makes a Huge Difference”; Sherry Evens & ChrysMarie Suby; Indiana Chamber’s 50th Annual HR Conference & Expo; April 28-30, 2014

  8. WEO-LMI Press Release July 25, 2013 (Full Press Release) (PDF Version Press Release)

  9. "The Value of Time & Attendance in an Integrated Human Capital Management Solution" Article Published by ADP, 2013  View the Article

  10. Susan Lambert Has Her Say on Workforce Scheduling; Workforce Management; 05-08-2012

  11. It’s About Time- And Money, Workforce Management; 05-03-2012

  12. Who Knew My Matchmaking Would Lead to the Workforce Educational Organization? Workforce Management Work In Progress Blog; 04-26-2012

  13. WEO Announces ADP as a Diamond Sponsor!  View the Press Release

  14. WEO Announces Accu-Time ATS as a Silver Sponsor!  View the Press Release
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