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The WEO seeks sponsorship funding from organizations, businesses and value added 
resellers.  Sponsorship is the way organizations are able to purchase group discounts!

The purpose for funding is to:

  • Build the WEO business and administrative structure.
  • Support the WEO Materials, Training, Certification, Recognition & WEO Knowledge for Timekeepers and Time & Labor Management Technology Professionals

Benefits of being a Sponsor of the Workforce Educational Organization

  • Tax Deductible Donation
  • Discounts on all Training, Materials  and Testing*
  • Annual WEO Memberships discounted 50% for all attendees
  • Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Your Company Logo and listing on the WEO Website
  • E-Newsletter Showcasing the New or Renewed Sponsor*
  • Discounted Attendee & Exhibitor Registration at the WEO Conference*

*Based on the Sponsorship Level.

 Download the WEO Sponsorship Brochure

Bronze: $5,000

Guaranteed 15% discount for 50 People

Silver: $10,000
Guaranteed 15% discount for 100 People

Gold: $20,000
Guaranteed 20% discount for 200 People

Platinum: $50,000
Guaranteed 20% discount for 500 People

Diamond: $100,000
Guaranteed 25% discount for 1000 People