The Workforce Education Organization and the Labor Management Institute Announce Launch of Multi-Level Education Programs for Workforce Asset Management Certification, Research and Collaboration.

July 25, 2013

LEMONT, IL and BLOOMINGTON, MN, June 25, 2013 – The Workforce Educational Organization (WEO) announced today their selection of Labor Management Institute (LMI) to develop all content and training for all WEO education programs.  The launch of the multi-level education programs and workforce management professional curriculum and certification is the first of its kind within the industry!  LMI is collaborating with WEO sponsors and industry leaders to fill the gaps in Workforce Management Technology (WMT). Additionally LMI will provide the WEO with research in workforce management and technology.

The WEO is the first non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the understanding, utilization, and impact of time and labor management systems from an operational, strategic, and financial standpoint. Time and labor management includes timekeeping, scheduling, attendance and leave, data collection, reporting, and labor related analytics.

The three levels of WEO certification developed by the Labor Management Institute include the Workforce Education Organization Professional (WEO-P™) Certification©, the Workforce Education Organization Timekeeper (WEO-T™) Certification©, and the Workforce Management Office Leader (WEO-L™) Certification©.  These certification programs cover a wide array of time and labor management functional areas. Workforce Education Organization Continuing Education Content Hours© will be available for WEO members to earn four- (4) qualified Continuing Education Unit credits each year. For more information, please visit

The WEO and LMI will be working with the current WEO sponsors including ADP®, a Diamond Sponsor; Workforce Solutions, a Gold Sponsor; and our Silver Sponsors Accu-Time and Qqest to deliver education and certification to more than 4,000 professionals this year.

The WEO professional certifications fill a gap in the domain of WMT by providing businesses with a standard measure of competency and guidelines.  This standardization will benefit organizational planning and decision making. These education programs increase outcomes for performance, resources and investments. The multi-level platform of instruction in WMT will inform and align people with technology in the workplace.  This is directly benefiting businesses and companies providing workforce services, products and also helps employers who have invested in developing business solutions.

Barry Rubin, president of the Workforce Education Organization and ITLMA said “We are thrilled to work with the Labor Management Institute and their president, ChrysMarie Suby. LMI is a highly respected advisory firm and a power house in the field of employee staffing, scheduling, and workforce management.”

Since its founding in 1981, LMI has provided education and consulting services to more than 2,500 hospitals, healthcare and business organizations both nationally and internationally. LMI is a recognized leader in workforce management and publishes the Labor Management Institute's Perspectives On Staffing & Scheduling (PSS™) Annual Survey of Hours Report©, now in its 24th year. For more information on Labor Management Institute’s product and services, please visit their website at

“The Labor Management Institute has an excellent reputation for workforce management education programs for employee scheduling, staffing and resource management along with healthcare and workforce management research and workforce management consulting delivering sustained operating improvements and implementing innovative practical strategies that balance the workforce and workplace in a conscientious and responsive manner - they are a respected industry leader,” said Barry Rubin, President of the Workforce Education Organization.  “We share the same commitment to providing the highest quality workforce management education services to our members and we look forward to working together.”

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