Membership in the WEO provides you with a 10% discount on all Educational Programs and Certification Testing.  

Members receive professional recognition with their organizations and within the time & labor technology management industry enhancing career development and many receive merit pay* and salary increases.

Members receive the benefit of professional development and networking through the educational programs and sharing of knowledge utilizing the WEO resources.

Membership connects you to a growing network of timekeeping and time and labor management technology practitioners, technologists, researchers and industry experts interested in and working with time & labor technology and workforce management systems. 

There are opportunities to learn more about workforce management practices and technologies, and contribute to the development of the organization. 

Members will be kept informed about new additions to the certification programs as they are added.  


WEO 1-Year Membership Fee: $100 per person

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Annual WEO Membership is discounted 50% for all Sponsors!

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*Organizations are offering merit pay to employees who have achieved professional certification.  If your company has a "Knowledge Pay Program" or if you would like information to provide your employer to consider merit pay recognition please contact ChrysMarie Suby at for more information. 


*WEO Membership is non-refundable and renewed annually.