The WEO professional certifications fill a gap in the domain of Workforce Management Technology (WMT) by providing businesses with a standard measure of competency and guidelines for timekeeping and labor management.  This standardization will benefit organizational planning and decision making. These education programs increase outcomes for performance, resources and investments. 

The multi-level platform of instruction in WMT will inform and align people with technology in the workplace.  This is directly benefiting businesses and companies providing workforce services, products and also helps employers who have invested in developing business solutions.

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Workforce Education Organization Timekeeper

Professional (WEO-T™) Certification©

Webinar/Self-Study Program or Classroom Setting

See 2015 Classroom Dates

This Level 1 program is designed for candidates with less than 1 year experience and responsible for verifying employee time & attendance (T&A) entries (punch in/punch out data) made for payroll reporting, preventing errors, omissions and making adjustments for accurate payroll.

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Workforce Educational Organization Time & Labor 

 Management Professional (WEO-P™) Certification©

Webinar/Self-Study Program or Classroom Setting

See 2015 Classroom Dates

This Level 2 training program and certification is designed for candidates responsible for employee payroll and/or managing or training/ supervising timekeepers, or department leaders with timekeeping responsibilities.

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Workforce Management Office Leader Professional 

(WEO-L™) Certification©

Classroom Setting Only

See 2015 Classroom Dates

This 4-day training program and certification is designed for leaders responsible for operations and deployment of staff across multiple service lines, or organizations.  It concentrates on leadership and strategic scheduling, staffing and labor management principles to improve workforce performance and enhance the workplace environment, and operationalize the Workforce Management Office.

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Educational Program Information

All education programs and certification testing is done through Labor Management Institute (LMI). 

When you register for educational programs or if you have questions about certification, a representative from LMI will contact you with attendee information (e.g., agendas, training and/or test locations etc.) and/or you may contact them with specific questions on any programs you are interested in.  Their  contact information is or toll free at 866-404-7544

Contact Labor Management Institute to arrange for on-site training & certification testing at your organization or to work with your organization to meet the criteria for “knowledge pay incentive programs”.

Please note that replacement and/or additional program certificates are available at $75.00 plus shipping and handling.  If you would like to request a replacement and/or additional certificate please contact us.

*No refunds will be issued once the educational materials have been delivered.