The Workforce Educational Organization (WEO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization.  The WEO is a legally independent organization and is funded through grants and donations.  The WEO is headquartered in Lemont, IL and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the workforce management technology industry.  


The WEO vision is to increase the understanding, utilization and impact of time and labor management systems by providing education, timekeeping and time & labor management technology certification and professional recognition, research and collaboration so that employer and workers can benefit and improve operationally, strategically and financially. 


WEO will develop and provide a body of knowledge and best practices based on academic and industry research.  Combining empirical evidence and thought leadership WEO will provide professional certification to serve as a recognized standard of knowledge and competency as demonstrated through training, examination and practical application exercises for timekeeping and time & labor management technology.

WEO Model

The Workforce Educational Organization will serve as the premier, dynamic repository of information critical to the management of workers, and the achievement of maximum mutual benefits for both employer and employee. 

Dimensions of this intelligence include, but are not limited to:

  • Varying forms of data collection
  • Fundamentals of work rules design (compliance, bargaining agreements, performance, business intelligence, and cost)
  • Strategies for implementation and conversion of rules and systems
  • Training tools, strategies and models for successful deployment
  • Fundamentals of labor scheduling
  • Selection of records and reporting of labor data collected
  • Principles of payroll processing
  • Integration of the data into other business systems and storage
  • Technical architecture (scalability, performance, portals, disaster planning, VM, hosted vs. in-house, etc.)
  • Proper computation of return on investment
  • Positive environmental impact of workforce management solutions
  • Effective controls, security, and audits within workforce management systems
  • Project management, Risk Management, Communication and Change Control within a workforce management project
  • Ownership, leadership and prioritization of workforce management functions and investments

A practical understanding of these dimensions enables the certified WEO Professional to effect meaningful change for both employer and employee.

The WEO is supported by the Independent Time and Labor Management Association (ITLMA), a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.  The ITLMA has been the leading association of timekeeping device manufactures, and time and labor management software developers, product and service providers, and independent dealers since 1978.  The ITLMA supports the education, research and collaborative efforts of the WEO and shares its passion for the technologies that continue to emerge and serve employers across the world.